Wedding Vows for Her Guide: 11 Sample Vow Scripts for the Bride

How to write vows for her? As a bride, where to do you begin?

Writing wedding vows can be an overwhelming and anxiety-riddled task. Most brides struggle with how to begin, what to focus on, and how to articulate their emotions into impactful words.

As a professional wedding vow and toast writer, I’m here to help!

Reference my wedding vows for her guide that I’ve outlined below and you’ll feel instant relief with vow writing.

Sometimes the key to moving forward with any daunting to-do item is to find some inspiration and some solid examples you can reference.

Within this guide, you’ll see vow script examples. Each sample script demonstrates vow copy for various parts of what you might include within your vows. For example, if you’re wondering how to convey thoughts about your future or how you can make your vows a bit more light-hearted—you can reference vow script examples based on these specific themes. 

This should provide you with the inspiration you need to write your own wedding vows.

Wedding Writing Vow Tips for the Bride

Before we review wedding vows for her script examples, let’s look at some general vow writing tips for the bride. Use these tips to frame your approach to vow writing. Then use the vow script examples to inspire you for your own writing.

Tip #1: Brainstorm Ideas

Most brides procrastinate vow writing because they are scared it won’t be perfect from the start. And the truth is—it won’t be perfect! That’s okay. It’s a process.

You are not supposed to sit down and write amazing vows after your first attempt.

Let go of any judgement you have and don’t even start with writing.

Start with a brainstorm.

Put on some music that makes you think of your love and jot down notes. Don’t self-critique or edit as your make notes. Just keep writing.

The idea is not to have something amazing right away. The idea is to get your thoughts down on paper.

From there, you’ll at least have real material you can work with to write wedding vows for her.

Tip #2: Identify Themes

Review your brainstorming notes. What themes do you see? Organize your notes according to each theme.

For example, highlight all the notes that show how funny your partner is with one color. Highlight all the notes that show how you’ve become more outgoing because of your partner with another color.

These are themes that you can use within your vows. A theme can organize your vows and help to drive your love story forward.

material to write wedding vows for her.jpg

Tip #3: Write the Bride’s First Draft of Her Wedding Vows

Notice that this tip says to write the first draft. It’s not your final draft.

Be patient with yourself and know that it does not and should not be perfect.

Take your notes that you bucketed into themes and start to turn these into actual sentences and paragraphs.

Here is an example of a vow writing outline you can follow for the first draft:

  • Address your partner

  • Talk about what you admire about them

  • Talk about what you admire in your relationship

  • Communicate what excites you about your future marriage

  • List three to six specific promises

  • Close with an impactful and loving last line

Tip #4: Reread and Revise Her Vows

Now that you’ve written the first draft of your vows, it’s time to edit. Reread your vows with an editor’s eye.

What should you be looking for exactly?

  • Communicating the same sentiment more than once. Instead, articulate something once in a very concise and clear way.

  • Sentences that drag on too long. Can you cut one sentence into two or three sentences? Sometimes when we write wedding vows for her, we tend to write by way of stream of consciousness. That’s perfectly fine for the first draft but for the revision phase, tighten it up.

  • Any language that might make your future spouse or your guests uncomfortable. Are you sure you want to include an anecdote about your getting ready for bed routine? Will mentioning that nickname make your partner blush? Cut anything that doesn’t seem vow-worthy.

Tip #5: Practice Reciting Her Vows

Once you have a finalized version of your vows written, practice reading them out loud. I recommend reciting your vows three to six times before the wedding ceremony.

This will help you feel more comfortable and confident on your wedding day.

Wedding Vows for Her Script Examples

Let’s look at some vow script examples. Use these scripts to inspire your own vows or if they apply to your situation, feel free to even use some of these examples within your own vows.

Wedding Vows for Her—Light-hearted and Humorous Example

Never have I felt such unconditional love than I’m with you. You embrace me for all that I am and love me completely—even though you are often times competing for my attention with Binx, my goldendoodle and true first love.

Here are some other tips you can reference when attempting to write funny wedding vows.

Wedding Vows for Her—Showing Gratitude Example

When I think about our relationship, I am overwhelmed with deep gratitude for how you encourage my personal growth. Whether it’s introducing me to new and adventurous activities or being my compass when I need guidance on how to navigate difficult situations—I am evolving for the better because of your support, love, and presence in my life.

Wedding Vows for Her—Embracing Your Partner’s Children Example

Today I choose to not only marry you. I choose a lifetime commitment to your children. Denis and Aubrey have brought more love and light into my life than I knew was possible and I’m so excited to commit my life to them from this day forward.

Wedding Vows for Her—How Your Partner Has Embraced Your Children Example

As a mother, I knew the person who I would one day marry would need to love my child as much as he would me. My heart has been filled watching you care for and love Natalie as if she were your own. I know our love will grow deeper not only because of our bond but because of our little family.

Wedding Vows for Her—Detailing How You Met Example

I dreamed of the man I’d marry but I never imagined he’d show up as my electrician after the worst snow storm Minnesota has seen in ten years.

I am so thankful that I decided to accept that blind date three years ago.

I liked you from the moment you stood next to me in our 11th grade class assembly and I’m so happy to have you standing here next to me today.

 Wedding Vows for Her—Celebrating in the Happy Times

I’m have the most fun when I’m with you. Whether it’s our karaoke contests in the car or spending an entire weekend making homemade pasta—you make my life more vibrant and full of joy.

Wedding Vows for Her—Growing from the Challenging Times Example

We’ve been through so much together including life’s most challenging moments. There’s no one I’d rather have by my side during those tough times than you. You are my comfort and support and I’m so grateful for the many ways you show up for me.

Wedding Vows for Her—Noting Similar Values Example

I appreciate how you value God and how we both know to put our relationship with Him above all else.

Being a family-oriented woman, I really appreciate how you enjoy spending time with both of our families and I am excited to one day have a family of our own to cherish too.

Wedding Vows for Her—Describing Your Support System Example

I’ve never had a partner put me first the way you have. You understand my needs and show up to comfort me in times of stress, to challenge me in times of growth, and to encourage me in times of doubt. With you, I know I can conquer the bad times as well as the good because you have shown me how to endure and triumph in all the moments that make up our crazy and beautiful life.

Wedding Vows for Her—Feeling Better…Together Example

When I’m overwhelmed with anxiety or overcome with self-doubt, I turn to you and I feel better. When my eyes are filled with tears and my heart feels despair, I turn to you and I feel better. When I’m lost with how to handle a decision or with what I’m feeling, I turn to you and I feel better. With all things, when I’m with you, it’s just better.

Wedding Vows for Her—Acknowledging Your Future Example

I’ve enjoyed every chapter of our journey together and I can’t wait to continue this adventure as husband and wife.

I choose you to create a life together, a future we can look forward to, and a love we can cherish.

Need more help with writing wedding vows for her?

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