Wedding Vow Writing Service

Hands down the absolute best decision of my wedding planning process was choosing to work with Katelyn!
— Nikki


Wedding Vow Writing Service

Help me write my vows! Wedding Words provides a custom vow writing service to remove your stress and spark excitement when it comes to writing your wedding vows.

Why should you hire a wedding vow writer?

Just like you’d hire a wedding planner to organize the reception or a baker to create a delicious three-tiered cake, you can hire a vow writer to provide help with writing your wedding vows. 

Who should hire a wedding vow writing service?

Hiring a wedding vow writing service might be for you if you’ve thought…

  • I’m overwhelmed with what to say and how to say it.

  • How do I write unique wedding vows?

  • Where do I begin with vow writing?

  • How can I write wedding vows my fiancé will love?

  • I’m scared of public speaking.

  • I have anxiety thinking my vows will not be good enough.

  • Can’t someone just help me write my vows?

At Wedding Words, I work one-on-one with every bride and groom to provide completely custom wedding vows. Plus, I provide a personalized video—made just for you— to walk you through how to deliver your unique wedding vows and how to overcome common public speaking fears.

Can’t recommend highly enough! Was so easy.
You won’t be disappointed using Katelyn!
— Scott

What’s the process like when you hire a wedding vow writing service?

First we’ll meet over a video call. I ask the right questions to understand your love story, what makes your relationship unique, and why you chose to marry this person. This is my favorite part. And it's so totally conversational—you'll enjoy sharing your love story details too. 

Then I begin writing with one goal in mind—to write what's already in your heart. No clichés, no templates, no questionnaire you have to complete. It's your story. I'm just wordsmithing what to include and remove, how to make the words flow, and which themes can be used to tie everything together. 

You’ll provide feedback on parts you really love and you'll likely become inspired to add or change a few lines too. You can send as much feedback as you want. I love editing. 

I’ll revise the draft and then you’ll receive completed wedding vows that you’ll truly love.

Along with the finalized wedding vows, you’ll also receive a personalized video. In this video I explain how to recite your vows with impact and poise. I’ll also review how you can overcome common public speaking fears.

What’s included in the vow writing service?

  • Up to one-hour online video-call consultation, per person

  • Unlimited revisions, based on your feedback, per person

  • Final copy, up to 650 words, estimated at 5 minutes in speaking length, per person

  • Custom, made just for you, video which communicates tips and feedback for how to confidently deliver your vows

  • $400 per person

“She took the words right out of my heart and soul and wrote the most amazing vows.

I reached out Katelyn because I was too emotionally overwhelmed when it came to writing my vows. She helped me do something I just couldn’t put in writing.”
— Stefanie

Why should I choose wedding words to write my wedding vows?

  • 5-star rated service on The Knot and WeddingWire.

  • You'll work directly with the owner throughout the entire process and I am the one who actually writes your vows. I do not outsource any of the writing.

  • This is not a side-hustle. Wedding vow writing is my full-time business which means you have my complete attention and I have a ton of experience.

  • I do not believe in questionnaires or templates. Your love story is unique and personal—so is my process. It’s important that we meet over a video call so I can truly understand your voice, personality, and vision for your vows.

  • Unlimited revisions. I want you to feel beyond excited and proud to recite your vows.

  • You'll be poised and polished to recite your vows since personalized public speaking tips are included with every set of custom wedding vows.

Bride recites custom written wedding vows.jpg

“It can be so intimidating to not only put your love and relationship into words, but to do so in front of all of your family and friends. I felt so much more prepared, confident and comfortable because I had Katelyn on my side through the process!”


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Who is the wedding vow writer?

Katelyn Stanis is a wedding vow writer.jpg

My name is Katelyn Stanis and I’m the owner and creator of Wedding Words, a wedding vow and speech writing service. I help tongue-tied couples from across the U.S. tie the knot through one-on-one custom vow writing services, vow editing services, and online vow writing courses.

With a BA in Journalism, I have always adored asking people the right questions to unearth their own vibrant story.

Today, I use that same passion to discover the details of a couple's love story and collaborate with the couple to put their heart into words. 

My work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes,, The Everygirl, Bridal Musings, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled, and Aisle Perfect.

I had such a wonderful experience working with Katelyn. She truly helped mold perfect vows that I can’t wait to tell my fiancé on our wedding day!
— Jordanne

Wedding Vow Writing Service FAQ

What’s it like to work with a wedding vow writing service?

The process is completely custom. At Wedding Words, we do not believe in using vow templates. We also do not believe in having you fill out a questionnaire. This is not an effective way to learn your unique love story.

Instead, we have a video call. During this call, I’ll ask you a series of questions to discover your personal story. I record the audio of our call and this is used as the basis for your custom wedding vows.

I’ve had clients describe the vow writing service as stress-free and fun. I’ve been repeatedly told the vow service exceeded expectations.

What makes Katelyn stanis qualified to be a vow writer?

I earned my BA in Journalism and my writing has been published in places such as Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Everygirl, Wedding Chicks, Aisle Perfect, Destination I Do, and Bridal Musings. But these are just my “professional bio credits.”

The real reason that I’m qualified to be a vow writer?

I adore learning someone’s story. I’m moved by how a person has overcome challenges, what makes them who they are, and what motivates them. I see everyone’s story as something special that should be shared. So when I hear about a person’s love story—I can visualize how to frame that story and articulate it into wedding vows that will capture that person’s feelings in the most impactful way. 

Can I see a real example of wedding vows you wrote?

I do not post actual wedding vow copy I’ve written for couples as it’s their personal vows. I will however share wedding videos from couples who provide their permission.

This wedding video features a bride I worked with—Natalie. She recited her unique wedding vows during a beautiful beach ceremony.

Video Credit: Randall Productions

Love my vows Katelyn! It’s such a relief to have this out of the way so I can focus on all the rest of the stuff I need to do! So happy! Your experience and confidence in the process took all the stress out of writing my vows!
— Natalie

what have clients said about your vow writing service? 

Clients come to me stressed and anxious with one plea—”Help me write my vows!” They leave calm and confident with love notes of their own about Wedding Words.

You can click through here to read client testimonials or you can read our reviews from WeddingWire and The Knot.

Katelyn‘s work is definitely taking your words and putting them in to a magical way that it makes them sound and feel so powerful and emotional!

I am extremely happy I used her services and would recommend to everyone!
— Sundance Sparks

I’m terrified of public speaking. will you help me work through this?

Yes! In working with couples, I know that writing custom wedding vows is only half of a bride or grooms challenge. The other half is overcoming their fear of public speaking. I help with both areas.

Once you’ve approved a finalized version of the wedding vows, I create a personalized video for you. In this video, your personalized wedding vows are on the screen and I walk you through line-by-line how to effectively deliver your wedding vows.

For example, I will point out which words you may want to really emphasize or which parts you should pause after—knowing the guests are going to giggle a bit.

These public speaking queues will make your vows more impactful.

Within the video, I also include general tips for how to overcome common public speaking fears like being worried you’ll be too emotional to speak.

You can set your anxiety aside—I’ve got you covered.

I’m worried my wedding vows won’t be good enough. How do you help?

I promise you this—your wedding vows will be amazing! This is a common concern but you really do not need to worry.

You have a beautiful love story and meaningful things to say to your future spouse.

We’ll work together to identify which parts are most important to share and I’ll wordsmith your thoughts and feelings into wedding vows that you’ll be excited to share and proud to rewatch on your wedding video.

bride who says help me write my vows.jpg

I already started to write my vows. Do you offer other vow writing services aside from custom vow writing?

Yes! If the one-on-one custom vow writing service is not the approach you’re looking to take right now, Wedding Words does offer a vow editing service.

The vow editing service is for the bride or groom who would like to write their own vows but needs help putting the polishing touches on it.

We’ll help to make sure you have an organized structure in place and that the overall message within your vows is being communicated in the most articulate and impactful way.

Help me write my vows!

Are you ready to receive help with writing your custom wedding vows? Let’s get started!

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