Wedding Vow Editing Service

Wow! You are so talented. The state of my vows are even better than I ever imagined! You have such a gift! Thank you for putting together my hot mess! It looks great. I love the edits and man, you were 110% worth the money! I feel so much better now.
— Hailey

Wedding Vow Editing Service

You need someone to edit your wedding vows if you've already written your vows but aren't feeling super confident with what you have down on paper.

As a professional wedding vow writer, I will complete line edits and provide feedback and suggestions for how to polish your words into vows that you'll be excited to recite.

is the vow editing service right for you?

Hiring a wedding vow editor is the right fit for someone who…

  • Has a first draft of vows written but doesn’t know what to do next

  • Wants to write their own vows but doesn’t understand how to articulate everything into the right words

  • Wants to hire a vow writer but has a smaller budget

  • Has a lot to say in their vows and does not know how to organize their thoughts

  • Second guesses their work

  • Has anxiety, fear, or doubt about their vows

How much does it cost to have you edit my wedding vows?

First, send me your wedding vows in a Google document or a Microsoft Word document. I’ll review the vows to see how much work needs to be done. Then, I’ll provide you with a quote. The average range is from $100 to $150.

WHAT’S THE PROCESS LIKE WHEN YOU HIRE someone to edit your wedding vows

I’ll go through your vows and do a combination of both grammatical edits and storytelling edits. This means I’m concerned with making sure things are flowing correctly by having commas in all the right spots and that the right words are chosen to properly communicate the feeling and sentiment.

But I’m also concerned with the story arch of your vows. Does the first sentence captivate the right mood? Do you include details about why you love this person, how their love has changed you, and how you envision your marriage? What promises do you make? Are these thoughts organized in a way that makes the most sense?

I remove any unnecessary sentences, tighten phrases, and enhance the overall voice of your vows.

Why should i hire a vow writer to edit my wedding vows?

It’s always great to get a second opinion on anything that you’ll read in a public forum. This is especially important if you plan to have a videographer at your wedding!

As a professional vow writer, I know the formula for what makes for truly great wedding vows.

Hiring a vow writer to edit your vows is the perfect balance between getting to have your hands on the actual writing part while also getting to take advantage of a vow expert who will put the final polishing touches on your wedding vows.


  • Vow review and analyzation

  • Two revisions

  • Final version of our vows, ready to recite!