About Me

Katelyn – Professional wedding vow writer.

Hello! I’m Katelyn: New York City transplant with Michigan roots.

I adore true stories and regularly catch myself asking those Oprah style questions that unearth the heart of someone. My BA in Journalism supports my already inquisitive nature and I’ve written heartfelt true stories for several Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

In the past, I worked as a bridal gown consultant. My favorite part was asking each bride how she met her love. It was these real-life love stories and hearing why she was excited for their marriage that fascinated me most.

A personal experience led me to becoming a wedding writer. After my grandpa passed away, my dad wanted desperately to write a eulogy that would honor how he felt about his father. But, no matter how many times he reworked each paragraph, something was missing—the heart.

My dad loved his father but like most people, he’s not a writer. His eulogy lacked the details that would make the speech specific to his father and it was missing the sentiment that would capture precisely how he felt. I collaborated with my dad to rewrite the eulogy, using stories and emotions my father expressed to me. When my dad read the completed piece, through teary eyes he said, “It’s pure gold.”

I’m thrilled to collaborate with you to give life to the feelings and stories that reside within you, so that we too, can create wedding word-gold together.