Ceremony Design

Are you having a friend or family member officiate your wedding?

This is a beautiful way to personalize your wedding ceremony.

The challenge? For most first-time officates, they have no idea how to create, organize, and write a wedding ceremony.

Good thing for you, we specialize in designing and writing custom wedding ceremonies.

How can you help your friend or family member to officiate your wedding?

Get your officitant the support they need.

They bring their personality and connection to the couple but without a ceremony writer, the words they say will likely sound more generic than you were anticipating.

When you hire Wedding Words to work with your officiant, you’re guaranteed to have a more custom and personalized wedding ceremony.

When there is not a dry eye at wedding, you know that it was perfect!
— Aiden

How does the ceremony design process work?

Through this premium ceremony design service, we'll collaborate to create your entire wedding ceremony.

We cover everything from writing the opening remarks, the officiant's address for the couple, and the closing remarks to organizing the ceremony timeline and picking out other ceremony details such as music options, reading suggestions, unity rituals, and how to involve your unique style into the ceremony.  

What if your officiant already wrote the ceremony but still needs help?

We don’t just write custom ceremony scripts. We also provide an editing service to officiants who have already written the ceremony. Often times, officiants are able to write an initial ceremony outline but they do not feel 100% confident with it.

Send your ceremony script to us to review. We’ll help you polish and perfect the opening remarks, officant’s address, and closing remarks.

How does the ceremony design process work?

We’ll meet with both the officiant and the couple on a video call. Together, we’ll review questions.

The audio is recorded from our session so that I can use this as a point of reference when designing and writing the custom wedding ceremony.

The couple and the officiant will receive a first draft to review and provide feedback and edit suggestions.

Once a finalized version of the ceremony is approved, the officiant will also receive public speaking tips to ensure the ceremony is impactful and memorable.

What kind of questions will we go over on the call?

Here are a few sample questions that we’ll discuss on our ceremony design call:

  • How did the couple meet?

  • How does the officiant know the couple?

  • Why did the couple choose this person to officiate their wedding?

  • How does the couple envision their marriage? What goals, hopes, dreams do they have together?

  • What themes might you like to include in your ceremony? i.e. Growth, commitment, trust, dedication, friendship, etc.

  • What expectations do you have for your ceremony? How do you want it to feel for you and for your guests?


  • Online video call consultation

  • Finalized wedding ceremony blueprint that outlines the entire ceremony timeline

  • Final written copy of the opening remarks, address to the couple, and closing remarks

  • Custom, made just for you, video describing tips and feedback for how the officiant should organize and deliver the ceremony

  • Ceremony design starts at $550