Funny Wedding Vows: 6 Ways to Balance Humor with Romance

Trying to write funny wedding vows? Many of brides who I collaborate with desperately want to strike the difficult balance of humor with sentimental sincerity. But how can you achieve this in your wedding vows?  

It’s great add to add some humor to your vows as a way to playfully off-set the serious tone. It might even be a better fit for your personality. But don’t confuse reciting your wedding vows with testing your skills as a stand-up comedian.

So how do you master this technique of writing funny wedding vows without sounding corny or making your guests squirm uncomfortably in their chairs? It’s all about knowing where and how to add humor to create funny wedding vows. Follow these six tips and you’ll have guests smiling while simultaneously reaching for a tissue.

Don’t Swim in the Shallow End   

There’s an art to writing funny wedding vows just like there’s an art to a comedian writing a well-delivered joke. To deliver the right amount of humor, don’t swim in the shallow end. In other words, avoid gimmicky one-liners. These lines tend to only really work in movies.

For example, vowing to always pick up his wet towel from the floor might feel like a way to be cute and playful but often it just comes across as awkward and out of place. Unless you’re staring in a romantic comedy, this sort of funny wedding vows tends to fall flat. Instead, stick with more meaningful promises and sprinkle humor into your vows with more depth.

For example, you might talk about how your fiancé has always supported you. This is the meaningful statement you’ll make but then you can add humor to it by noting a funny memory of how he supported you.

It might sound something like this:

I am so grateful for your never-ending support. Whether it was cheering me on as I worked tirelessly to earn my doctorate, or whether it was showing up to my graduation ceremony dressed as an actual cheerleader—your support has meant the world to me.

You can see from this example that the focus is on a more serious topic—your fiancés continuous support—but you created funny wedding vows by adding a cute anecdote. This allows your vows to be lively without being cliché. 

Embrace Humor as a Theme

Well written wedding vows have clearly chosen themes that the vows are rooted in. Perhaps the main topics you want to convey to your fiancé are his thoughtfulness, sense of humor, and dream of starting a family together.

Sense of humor is an identified theme. This is where you have an opportunity to write funny wedding vows. When you touch on his sense of humor, you can encourage a bit of your own.

Let’s look at an example to see how part of your wedding vows could look like when you talk about your fiancés sense of humor.  

Example: Your sense of humor has been my saving grace. Whether it’s helping us pass the time during our long road trips by doing your best Barbra Streisand impression, or how you manage to make my tears fade away when you make our dinner rolls do stand-up that would most definitely require a two drink minimum—you can always put a smile on my face. I vow to always find the humor in your jokes and to find the humor in the more challenging moments of our marriage.

Do you see how there is humor without coming across like you’re trying too hard? When sense of humor is a theme in your wedding vows, it gives you an easy way to talk about things that will naturally create funny wedding vows.

Include Nicknames

A cute way to add light-hearted meaning to your wedding vows is by using nicknames. What special name do you have for your fiancé? Kick off your funny wedding vows by addressing your fiancé using that nickname. You can also close using the name.

Be sure to stick with names that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to say in front of your guests or that you would be okay with your grandchildren watching on your wedding video years from now. 

Be True to Your Personality

Are you the entertainer in your family? Are you the person who is always making people laugh? Maybe you even get uncomfortable in situations that are too serious. When it comes to reciting your wedding vows, you’ll want to feel true to who you are.

To capture your personality in your funny wedding vows, the vows must sound like you. To do this, I recommend recording yourself. You can use the voice recording feature on your phone. Once you turn this on, just start talking about your relationship, fiancé, and how you envision your future marriage.

Then transcribe the recording. You can use this as material for your funny wedding vows. By talking about your relationship before writing about it, you will sound more authentic and capture tone and phrases that align with your personality.

Consider Including Family Jokes

I discourage couples from including inside jokes within their wedding vows. These jokes typically make guests confused and won’t be relevant to you and your fiancé in a few years.

Family jokes on the other hand are a different idea.  If you want to write funny wedding vows, include long-time, funny family anecdotes.

We all have those family stories that we’ve heard countless times. Are there any that could be applicable to your wedding day or marriage?

What about touching on a playful rivalry between your family and your fiancés? The key with this is to make sure the rivalry is light-hearted and know where to draw the line. Families might be okay with joking about rooting for opposing football teams but it could cause some tension to touch on your different political beliefs.

Stick with playful points and your funny wedding vows will likely bring a bit more joy to your guests and your vows.

Call in a Lifeline

If you’re challenged to write funny wedding vows, you might want to consider hiring help. At Wedding Words, I collaborate with engaged couples to write personalized wedding vows. My goal is to capture what’s in your heart and articulate those feelings into wedding vows that you’ll be ecstatic to recite on your wedding day.

If you have a playful personality and want to write funny wedding vows but don’t know how to make it happen, get in touch. Together we’ll write vows that will have your fiancé giggling.