6 Tips for How to Write Wedding Vows for Your 2019 Wedding

Happy New Year and congratulations! Are you getting married in 2019? This vow writing guide is for you. Whether you’re tying the knot this winter or anxiously waiting until fall—here are six tips for how to write wedding vows in 2019.  

Be Unique and Avoid Clichés in Your Vows

Personalization and custom touches will only become an even bigger wedding trend in 2019. What better way to add personalization to your wedding day than with your wedding vows?

Vow writing is all about having the opportunity to customize the words that will mark your entry into marriage which makes it the easiest way to personalize your big day.

While writing your wedding vows, avoid overly-used song lyrics or poetry readings so you don’t sound trite. Instead, tell your unique love story in a way that’s custom to you. Do this by digging deep to articulate what makes your fiancé and relationship special.

Here are a few writing prompts that can help you create material for your custom wedding vows:

-What makes this relationship unique compared to past relationships you’ve had?

-Why are you choosing to marry your fiancé? Why this person? Why now?

-How do you imagine your future marriage? What does it look like in five years? In fifty years?

Capture Your Vows on Camera

A 2019 wedding trend is to capture and share all of your special wedding moments. This includes your wedding vows.

Be sure to have your wedding vows recorded. Maybe you’ve already hired a wedding cinematographer to record the ceremony. This is perfect!

If not, be sure to assign a trusted guest with the recording responsibility. Even if your ceremony is simply shot using someone’s iPhone—you will be thankful for this wedding keepsake.

Use Professional Vow Writing Help

As couples and weddings evolve, so do wedding services. You can hire a calligrapher to design your wedding invitations and a baker to create a delicious wedding cake but what about your wedding vows? You no longer have to conquer this wedding task alone.

Wedding Words is a vow writing service, designed to help you write custom wedding vows without any of the stress.

My name is Katelyn Stanis and I’m the creator of Wedding Words. As a professional vow writer, my main goal is to remove any stress and anxiety you have around vow writing and instead, produce custom vows that you’ll be excited to deliver.

In addition to offering one-on-one custom vow writing services, I also have a digital vow writing course. This is ideal for the bride who wants to take a more hands on approach but still craves some guidance to help her write impactful wedding vows.

Practice Reciting Your Wedding Vows

One thing that never goes out of style, regardless of the year, is sounding poised and polished. Plus, with how much is shared on social media, being ready to confidently recite your vows is a 2019 wedding trend.

Practice reading your wedding vows a couple weeks before your ceremony. This will ensure your vow delivery has the greatest level of impact.

The most effective way to practice is by recording a video of yourself as you read your wedding vows out loud. While it may feel a bit awkward at first—you’ll notice any nervous ticks before your wedding.

You’ll be thankful to have noticed your public speaking fears and you’ll have time to self-correct before reciting your vows in front of your fiancé and all of your guests.

Use Vow Booklets

Keep your wedding vows safely stored by using vow booklets. You can order booklets to match your wedding party colors to add even more personalization to the ceremony.

Plus, vow booklets can be a nice way to save your vows after the wedding day.

Be sure to also have your photographer use your vow booklets for creative image ideas.

Create Artwork Using Your Vows

Your wedding vows are what your wedding and marriage will be centered around. Why not create a beautiful piece of artwork to adorn your home and act as a constant reminder to you and your partner that can remind you both about why you’re in this marriage?

You can have the text from your vows transcribed into a wall hanging or painted onto the wall above your bed. You can also have your wedding vows printed onto a Christmas ornament or throw pillow.

In what way do you believe your wedding vows could bring you both the most joy beyond the wedding day?  

2019 Wedding Vows

At the end of the day, your wedding vows will never go out of style if you write what’s in your heart.

Writing wedding vows in 2019 simply provides you with more of a chance to be creative.

Weddings have evolved to the point of embracing an “anything goes” attitude as long as it’s personal to your couple style. So write vows that capture how you feel and the words you write will last well beyond 2019.