Wedding Vow Writing Services You Need to Know About

You’ve read every wedding trend list. You know how to create DIY centerpieces and how to make a dessert table more unique (hello donut bar!). But there’s one wedding must-have that may have slipped your mind—using a vow writing service.

While not as common as other wedding vendors like your photographer or DJ—a wedding vow writer can be your secret weapon in preparation for the big day. Writing personalized wedding vows is an intimidating task for most engaged couples. This is where utilizing wedding vow writing services can be a huge help.

Wedding Words specializes in helping tongue-tied couples tie the knot by putting their heart into words. Let’s dive into learning more about the vow writing services that Wedding Words provides.

What type of vow writing services does Wedding Words offer couples? There are two main services for couples: custom one-on-one vow vow writing and an online vow writing course.

The one-on-one vow writing service is a premium package for couples who crave more collaboration. We begin by meeting over a video call where I get to learn about your relationship and your hopes for marriage. The wedding vows are completely custom, and I write the first draft of your wedding vows based on our conversation.

You then provide feedback on which parts you love and which sections you feel need to be reworked. I enter into the editing phase before delivering a finalized version of your wedding vows, along with a custom video describing tips for how to deliver your vows and overcome public speaking fears.  

The online vow writing course is different mainly in that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to writing and editing your vows oppose to a professional vow writer taking the lead.

The process includes the same key results though—your vows will include themes, the right anecdotes, be edited to perfection, and you’ll learn how to confidently deliver your vows.

Only through the course, you take the lead on everything while being guided through each step in the form of modules.

The modules include videos and slides that walk you through how to come up with material for your wedding vows, how to get started on writing the first draft, how to edit your vows, and how to confidently deliver your vows during your ceremony.

You just need to determine which pathway to writing your own wedding vows would be best for you.

Wedding Words vow writing service.jpg

Who should use the one-on-one vow writing service? The one-on-one vow writing service caters to a few different types of brides.

The busy bride: Do you want to write personalized wedding vows but simply don’t have the time? If you’re the bride with a never-ending to-do list, then the one-on-one vow writing service is perfect for you. You’ll be able to express what’s in your heart without compromising your other tasks or running out of time to actually get your vow writing done.

The perfectionist: If you’re a perfectionist, wedding planning is your Everest. Fussing over floral centerpieces is hard enough but now try to perfect what’s in your heart and feel confident reading those words in front of all your guests. Talk about pressure. This vow writing service helps to alleviate the pressure while also delivering wedding vows that are perfectionist approved.

 The procrastinator: If you’re the bride who might wait until a mere two weeks before your wedding ceremony to write your wedding vows—it’s time to call in reinforcements. Through the one-on-one vow writing service, we collaborate to write custom wedding vows that capture what’s in your heart—with time to spare before your ceremony.

The talkative bride: You may have plenty to say on the topic of your fiancé and relationship but do you know what key anecdotes to focus on for your wedding vows? The one-on-one vow writing service is ideal for brides who have lots to share but who don’t know how to organize their thoughts.

Here’s a testimonial from a woman I worked with who is a self-proclaimed talker:

“I am a storyteller, not a speechwriter. So thankful to find Katelyn to get my thoughts all in order. Very proud of how the speech came out. Looking forward to giving it!”

Who should sign up for the online vow writing course? This vow writing service caters to a variety of brides.

The DIY bride: If you’re creating a DIY wedding, the digital vow writing course is the way to go. Just like when you’re in control of designing your centerpieces, through this course you’re taking the lead on writing custom wedding vows. The course acts like a Pinterest Guide to floral arrangements—only instead of detailing what pairs well with roses, this guide walks you through how to write, edit, and deliver your wedding vows.

The creative: If you’re a naturally creative person, you’ll want to take the lead on writing your wedding vows. This doesn’t mean you don’t need help though. Where do you begin? The digital vow writing course guides you along each step of the process while allowing your creative muscle to be worked.

The learner: Are you a lifelong learner? You likely aren’t new to the online course circuit. Sign up for A Bride’s Complete Vow Writing Course to start your education in writing personalized wedding vows. Once you’ve completed the course, you can send your finalized copy of your wedding vows to Wedding Words and I’ll write back with line-edits and feedback to ensure your vows pack that impact you’re striving for.  

Why should engaged couples use a vow writing service? If you want to express what’s in your heart on your wedding day to the person you love most—you should use a vow writing service.

Your wedding vows are the single most unique way to truly personalize your wedding. You don’t have to be a writer to write your own vows but you do need to determine what are the areas where you could use more help.

Do you need someone to take over the writing part? Or do you simply need some hand holding while you do the writing?

Just like you’d hire a seamstress to help tailor your wedding gown or a baker to create a delicious three-tiered cherry chip masterpiece—hire a vow writing service to help put your heart into words.

5 Ways to Find Wedding Vow Writing Help

Once you become engaged, it seems there’s a specialist to assist with every part of the wedding planning: wedding planner, floral designer, dress seamstress. But what about help with writing your personalized wedding vows?

This overwhelming task is often left for you to manage alone. It shouldn’t be. As the creator of Wedding Words, a boutique business that offers vow writing services, I’ve compiled a list of tips for where to find help when it comes to writing your own wedding vows.

Use a Professional Vow Writing Service: If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with how to write your wedding vows, turn to a vow writing service for help.

Wedding Words offers a one-on-one custom vow writing service to help stressed out couples express their love.

This collaborative vow writing service is a completely custom approach. The process begins with a video call. On this call I ask a series of questions to understand your relationship history, what makes your love unique, and what your hopes are for marriage.

I then create a first draft based on our conversation. Next, you’ll have an opportunity to review the first draft and provide feedback. What parts do you love? Which parts need to be reworked?

I’ll edit the vows and provide a finalized version for you. Along with the finalized vows, I also include a personalized video where I walk you through tips for how to deliver your specific wedding vows and talk about how to overcome common public speaking fears.

Couples who I’ve worked with have expressed how they feel about the vow writing service through their rave reviews.

Take a Course: Have you ever taken an online course to learn something new? Well digital courses aren’t just for learning a new language or web design. Now you can learn how to write your own wedding vows by signing up for a Wedding Words vow writing course.

This course guides you through each step I take with my clients in the one-on-one vow writing service. Only the digital course puts you in the driver’s seat. You lead the writing and editing all while being fully supported through a step-by-step guide.

Once you’ve completed the course, you can send a copy of your final wedding vows to me for review. I’ll respond with line-edits and feedback to make sure your vows display the exact meaning and impact that you wish to achieve.

Work with Your Maid of Honor: Your maid of honor is there to support you throughout every step of the wedding planning process. Plus, you two are super close. What better person to help with your vow writing than her?

maid of honor helping bride with her wedding vows.jpg

Plan your next hang out session around vow writing. There are many ways your maid of honor can help you write your wedding vows but the key is interviewing her.

Interviewing your maid of honor might sound odd. However, when you start asking her questions about your relationship, you’ll see how useful this organized conversation will be to writing your vows.

The purpose of asking her questions is to understand your relationship through the eyes of someone you’re very close to but who isn’t as close to your relationship as you are.

Ever heard of the saying, “I was too close to it to see it?” Sometimes we’re too close to our own relationships to identify great themes or points to make within our wedding vows. This is where your maid of honor can help.

Talk with Your Family: Meeting your partner’s family is often a big relationship milestone. Chat with your family to hear what they were thinking the first time you brought your fiancé over to visit.

What was their impression of your fiancé? How did they connect? Why did they think you two made a good couple?

Reminisce about these memories over good food during your next family get-together, and let the conversation fuel inspiration for your wedding vows.

Family dinner before wedding.jpg

Align with Your Fiancé: You might not think to talk with your fiancé about vow writing since you want your vows to be a surprise but there are a few key points to discuss that could actually help with your vow writing.

Here are a few vow writing concepts you two should discuss before you put pen to paper:

·      Word count: How long should your wedding vows be? Agree on a word count to ensure the speaking length for each of your vows is about the same. I recommend keeping word count to 650 or less. You can use this handy word count to speaking length calculator to see how many minutes your vows will be based on your word count.

·      Sentiment: What should the tone of your wedding vows be? Are you okay with using humor? Should the vows be strictly serious? Agree on sentiment to make sure the tone you each use is not wildly different.  

·      Off-limit topics: Are there any topics or anecdotes that are off-limits for your wedding vows? Perhaps you don’t want to mention a deceased loved one as it would be too emotional to hear. Maybe you don’t want to relive the story of your first date. Communicate with your fiancé about topics that shouldn’t be included in your wedding vows.

How to Write Personalized Wedding Vows if You’re Not a Romantic

When you’re not a gushy romantic, wedding planning can feel like trying to force a square peg into a round hole—and you’re the square peg. Suddenly you’re expected to fawn over florals and chiffon. But what if you’re simply not that kind of bride? What happens to wedding planning when you haven’t dreamt of your wedding since you were eight years old?

Writing personalized wedding vows can be stereotyped as overly poetic diatribes that only the deeply romantic recite. But here’s the deal—you don’t have to enjoy binge-watching Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan movies to write personalized wedding vows. The entire concept of writing personalized wedding vows is to be just that—personal to you.

If you want to express how you feel to your fiancé on your wedding day but can’t stand the thought of sounding like a sappy cliché, then this vow writing guide is for you.

Write Vows that Sound Like You: The biggest turn-off to personalized wedding vows can be when they sound exaggeratedly fanciful. You’re not trying to mirror the art of Shakespeare. Your vows should just sound like you!

How do you write wedding vows that actually sound like something you’d say? You talk about your love before you write about it.

To do this, you’re going to interview yourself. Turn on the voice recording feature on your phone and answer questions out loud.

Here are a few questions you can use to interview yourself:

·      Why do you enjoy spending time with your fiancé?

·      When you think about this relationship compared to others you’ve had, how is this one different?

·      How have you changed since being with your fiancé?

·      When you think about your fiancé, what makes you most grateful?

·      How do you envision your future together?

Keep your answers conversational as if you’re sharing with a close friend. Once you’ve finished interviewing yourself, you are going to transcribe the entire recording by typing out every word you said.

The greatest part of this process? You will get plenty of words down on paper about your relationship without feeling pressured to write a romantic story. Now the initial work of getting thoughts down is completed. And best of all, every word sounds like you.

Edit Your Notes: After completing the interview, you will have lots of notes. However, they’re not exactly wedding ceremony ready just yet. Next, you’ll edit your interview transcript to create your actual wedding vows.

How do you edit these notes? Start by identifying sentences and anecdotes you’d like to keep for your vows. Reread your notes and underline or highlight the parts that you really like. Delete everything else.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your notes, it’s time to form these thoughts into a more polished version for your wedding vows.

Bride writes her own personalized wedding vows.jpg

Move around sentences like you would furniture in a living room. Where does every thought belong? Perhaps you choose to kick off your vows by describing what makes you most grateful in your relationship and you close by reciting how you envision your future together.

Next, expand on ideas where it’s needed. Maybe during the interview, you only touched on what makes your relationship unique but now that you have that idea started on paper, you can write about it in more detail.

Include More of Your Personality: The key to making personalized wedding vows is to consider ways to highlight your unique personality into the writing.

What’s your favorite song? Can you include some of the song lyrics within your wedding vows?

What about a movie you two enjoy watching together? I once worked with a couple who had a mutual love of Star Wars. They threw a Star Wars themed wedding and we found ways to integrate their theme into their wedding vows.

Consider what unique forms of art you could use as inspiration for your wedding vows.

Trendy bride.jpg

Practice Reading Your Vows Out Load: If your wedding vows should sound like you, then you need to practice reading them to ensure that they do. I recommend recording a video of yourself as you recite your personalized wedding vows.

Watch the video. What do you notice? Are you using any words that you wouldn’t normally say? Is the length of your sentences in line with your typical speaking pattern?

Watching yourself may feel a bit awkward at first but it will help you dial in your vow delivery.

Once you identify any areas for improvement, make the necessary edits to your vows. Then reread them on video again. You’ll notice an immediate improvement. Even more than that, you will feel the difference. When your vows sound like you, it becomes easier to confidently deliver them.

Work with a Professional Wedding Vow Writer: Not all of us are writers. It can be challenging to take what’s in your heart and express it into personalized wedding vows without sounding cliché.

This doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea of doing custom wedding vows for your ceremony. It may just mean that you need outside help. As the creator of Wedding Words, I offer vow writing services to brides just like you.

Let’s connect to see how we can collaborate to create wedding vows that capture your unique voice and personality.

How to Write Your Wedding Vows in 5 Simple Steps

You’re a busy bride. You don’t have endless time to stress out about writing your wedding vows but you do want your vows to be unforgettable.

As a professional wedding vow writer, I totally understand and I’m here to help you check this wedding to-do item off your checklist. Follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way to writing impactful and personalized wedding vows.

Step 1. Start with a Brainstorm: Remember in middle school when you’d brainstorm ideas for an essay or science project? During these brainstorms your teacher had you consider any idea and had you do it without judgement.

This process often allowed you to uncover concepts you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of on your own. You can use this same method to come up with ideas for what to include within your wedding vows.

Get situated in a comfortable spot with your pen and journal. You’re about to free write. Jot down jokes your fiancé has told, the memory of your first vacation together, and how your fiancé makes you feel.

The key to brainstorming for your wedding vows is to leave judgement outside this creative area. Just like in school, brainstorming is a safe space where there is no such thing as a bad idea. You’ll edit your notes later when you decide what to include in your wedding vows. For now, embrace every thought by writing it down on paper.

Step 2. Identify Themes: Consider your favorite book or movie—I bet you can pick out the themes that were present.

Popular theme concepts in works of writing are things like:

·      Love conquers all

·      Overcoming adversity

·      Crime doesn’t pay

·      Humans all have the same needs

·      Sacrifice brings reward

·      The importance of family

While your wedding vows are not going to be a 400-page novel, they should still include themes. Themes are a great way to organize your thoughts. Plus, they provide a sense of direction and meaning to your personalized wedding vows.

Here are some examples of themes you may use within your wedding vows:

·      Your fiancés sense of humor

·      How your fiancé inspires you

·      The friendship you two share

·      Adventure

·      Taking risks

·      Mutual goals

·      You shared desire to have a family

·      Generosity

·      Thoughtfulness

How do you determine which themes to use? Review your brainstorm notes.

brainstorm for your wedding vows.jpg

What common concepts do you see? Highlight each brainstorm note using a different color to denote which sentences represent which themes. Perhaps purple showcases every note that falls into the “thoughtfulness” theme and yellow represents notes with the “adventure” theme.

Choose two to four themes to use within your wedding vows. Your themes should be chosen based on how important these concepts are to your relationship.

Step 3. Create Your First Draft: Now that you’ve brainstormed notes for your custom wedding vows and you’ve identified what themes will be used throughout your vows, you can start working on your first draft.

Writing the first draft of your wedding vows can be a challenge. Where do you begin? What should you include? How do you end the vows?

Follow this Wedding Words outline. You’ll feel guided as you work through your first draft.

·      Start with a powerful first sentence that directly addresses your fiancé

·      Describe what you love about your fiancé

·      Describe what you love about your relationship together

·      Communicate your hopes for your marriage

·      Close with an expression of your love

woman hand writes wedding vows.jpg

Aim to write vows that are 650 words or less. This will ensure that your vows are less than five minutes in speaking length. Anything longer and you’ll lose the attention of your guests. More importantly, your vows will be most impactful when they are concise and articulate.

Step 4. Edit Your Final Draft:  How does your first draft turn into your final draft? It’s all about the editing process. Reread your wedding vows through the eye of an editor.

Here are common things to look for as you edit your wedding vows:

·      Misspelling and grammatical errors

·      Run on sentences

·      Redundancy

·      Clichés

·      Word count exceeds 650 words

Step 5. Practice: The final step in the wedding vow process has to do with your delivery. Reciting your wedding vows before the ceremony can help you overcome public speaking fears.

Practice reading your wedding vows in front of a mirror or your maid of honor. You can even video record yourself. When you practice, you can identify areas for improvement. It might feel painful at first but you’ll be grateful to have worked out any nervous ticks before the wedding cinematographer captures your vow reading.

Still struggling to write your wedding vows? Wedding Words collaborates with couples to write personalized wedding vows. Let’s connect to see how we can work together to help you write your own custom wedding vows.

How to Write Personalized Wedding Vows When You’re Not a Writer

You want to write personalized wedding vows for your wedding but there’s just one roadblock—you’re not a writer. You have plenty of emotions and feelings to share about your fiancé, relationship, and hopes for your future marriage but you’re stuck on how to articulate your thoughts into eloquent sentences.

How can you write custom wedding vows that you’ll be proud to read on your wedding day? 

As a professional wedding vow writer, I collaborate with couples to write personalized wedding vows. I know the struggles of every person who has proclaimed that they are not a writer. I can help with my tips for how to write unique wedding vows when you lack the writer’s gene.

Start Talking: It can be incredibly intimidating to attempt to just start writing. Where on earth should you begin?

Even the most seasoned writers struggle with the first sentence. Before you sit down to write your personalized wedding vows, trying talking before writing.

Many of us are more comfortable candidly sharing stories than pushing ourselves to articulate those same stories into a written format. Why not talk about your relationship before you try to write about it?

Begin the vow writing process by interviewing yourself and record the one-sided conversation.

Turn on the voice recording feature on your phone and try asking yourself and answering these questions to get started.

·      How did you two first meet?

·      How did you feel in the early stages of dating? How did you feel in the later stages of dating?

·      How does your fiancé make you feel?

·      When you think about your relationship, what makes you most grateful?

·      How do you envision your marriage? What hopes and dreams do you have for you two together?

Once you’ve completed the interview, transcribe the entire recording. This will serve as your wedding vow material. You’ll go from staring at a blank page to having hundreds of words to work with.

Now spend some time flushing out this raw material into a first draft by removing any parts that aren’t suitable for your vows. Keep and rework sentences that capture the emotion you wish to communicate on your wedding day.

Use Writing Prompts: Even professional writers get plagued with writer’s block. When this happens, writing prompts can be a helpful way to wake up the creative muse.

Reach for your journal and try to free write in response to each of the following writing prompts.

·      When you think about your relationship, what makes it uniquely different than any other relationship you’ve experienced?

·      Why are you choosing to marry your fiancé? Why this person?

·      How does your fiancé inspire you?  

The idea is to simply write. Do not judge your notes. You can edit this material later and use these notes as part of your wedding vows. But for now, simply allow your subconscious to take over as you enjoy the art of these writing exercises.

women typing wedding vows.jpg

Reference Love Letters: Have you written your fiancé love letters? What about birthday or anniversary cards? These handwritten notes from your past can serve as valuable material for your wedding vows.

Rereading what you wrote from prior romantic occasions will provide new inspiration for your wedding vow writing. Plus, you may even be able to repurpose some of your past writing. 

Don’t forget the little love notes too. Those cute sticky notes you left on your fiancés desk may seem insignificant for your wedding vows but you never know where inspiration will come from.  

Use Your Favorite Poem or Song Lyrics: Have you ever read a line of poetry and felt like it captured the raw truth of a feeling you had never been able to articulate before? What about hearing a song and feeling like the lyrics spoke to personal experiences you’ve had?

Use these various art forms as inspiration for your personalized wedding vows. Listen to that song you adore or read that piece of poetry that resonates with you and discover what other words come to mind. Try to brainstorm material for your wedding vows by using these forms of art.

What if you can’t come up with material that speaks to your emotions as well as that piece of poetry does? That’s okay. You can also choose to use the actual material for your wedding vows.

Highlight the poem or song as part of your wedding vows by announcing why these words speak to you and how they connect to your relationship.

For example: Throughout our relationship, there’s one song that has continuously beat to the rhythm of our relationship. (Insert song lyrics here). Whenever I hear these words, I can’t help but think of us and how your love has transformed me.

Set Boundaries: Have you ever found yourself at a restaurant holding a menu that’s more like a book? There are so many items listed, you become completely overwhelmed. Compare that situation to reviewing a menu with just five options. It becomes significantly easier to choose your entrée.

The cure to wedding vow writing overwhelm is when the options for what to write have become narrowed down.

There are many directions you can take with vow writing. This variety can often be the cause for overwhelm and vow writing procrastination. Discuss the following vow writing elements with your fiancé and agree on how you want to to handle each item.

Lesbian couple talks about their wedding vows.jpg

·      How long should our wedding vows be in length? Agree on a word count. Most wedding vows aim to be anywhere between one to five minutes which is between 125 to 650 words.

·      Do we want to focus on any particular themes? Deciding on themes can dramatically help your vow writing. Do you want to make sure you cover your future together and how you view marriage? Or do you only want to focus on your partner’s qualities and how those make you feel? Discuss the various directions your vows can go and then agree on two to three themes you’ll both try to include within your wedding vows.

·      Are there any off-limit topics: Is there anything that you do not want included within your wedding vows? Perhaps mention of a deceased loved one or particular anecdotes. Discuss any specifics that you may want to exclude from your vows to avoid unfortunate surprises.

When you set rails on your wedding vow writing, the actual task will become less overwhelming and you’ll feel more ready to write.

Hire a Vow Writer: Sometimes the best solution to a challenge is to hire help. If you have a desire to write personalized wedding vows but are struggling to put your emotions into words, consider working with a vow writer.

At Wedding Words, I work with couples who have full hearts. They adore their future spouse and want the words they express on their wedding day to be impactful and full of emotion. However, they are handicapped with fear and anxiety when trying to figure out how to write vows that measure up to their personal expectations.

That’s where I can help. We work together to create personalized wedding vows that capture your deepest feelings and I articulate your emotions into words.

Let’s connect for you to learn more about the wedding vow writing process and how we can work together.