What It's Like to Work With a Wedding Vow Writer

Choosing to write your own wedding vows is an exciting way to honor your love during your wedding ceremony. What better way to illustrate your unique story?

While deciding to write nontraditional wedding vows is certainly a more personalized approach, it can be a challenge to execute. Couples often let the fear of not being a writer prevent them from actually writing their own vows.

But here’s the thing—it doesn’t matter if you stumble around your feelings and can’t articulate them into full sentences. Why? Because there are professional wedding vow writers to help you! I’m one of those folks, my friend. My name is Katelyn and I’m a professional wedding vow writer and the creator of Wedding Words—a premium wedding writing service.

So you know you want to write your own vows but you don’t feel confident in tackling this wedding task alone? No worries. Just like you’d hire a photographer to capture the day or a baker to design the most delicious cake, you can hire someone to collaborate with you to create custom written wedding vows.

You might be wondering what it’d be like to work with a wedding vow writer. I’m here to give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to work with a wedding vow writer at Wedding Words.

You’re Not Cheating: The first thing I must address is what every couple fears: that they’re cheating by using a professional vow writer. Choosing to use a wedding vow writer does not mean you’re taking a short cut or cheating the process. It simply means you’re being smart by acknowledging what areas you need extra guidance. You understand there are professionals that can support you with all parts of the wedding planning process and you want to invest in the most important parts of your wedding, like your vows.

Your Vows Are Completely You: As a wedding vow writer, my role is to write what’s already in your heart. I won’t make anything up or use cliché templates and fill it in madlibs style. It’s your words, emotions, and feelings. It’s your story. I’m just wordsmithing what to include, to cut, how to make it flow, and where to find a theme that can tie everything together. Because of this, your wedding vows will sound exactly like you. Many times, I include exact quotes that my brides and grooms say during our video interview.

The Process is Easy and Fun: So what does the actual process look like? First, we have a video call. This is where I ask the right questions to truly understand your love story, what makes you unique as a couple, and what are the most important parts of your journey together. From here, I write a first draft of your wedding vows for you to review. You communicate which parts of the vows you adore and feel are spot on and you also point out which parts you don’t feel fit. I rework the draft based on your feedback and send you a second draft to review. It usually only takes two drafts to perfect your wedding vows.

You’re Fully Supported: Once you’ve approved the final draft of your wedding vows, I create a personalized video to send you. This video provides coaching feedback for how to confidently and most effectively deliver your vows. Many people have a fear of public speaking and find the tips I outline in their video useful for conquering this fear. I also give specific feedback as it relates to your vows. I’ll note where you may want to pause or parts where you may want to giggle a little as you deliver a humorous line. When nerves have you rattled, these notes can help you feel more natural as you deliver your vows.

You Will Be Overjoyed: Natalie, a busy bride, reached out to me because she feared not being able to write vows that could capture how she felt. After working together, she sent me the following email: “Love my vows! It’s such a relief to have this out of the way so I can focus on all the rest of the stuff I need to do! So happy!!” She also described that because she was able to add her own feedback within the vow writing process, it really felt like the vows were from her.

I love helping couples put their heart into words. Everyone has a special story to share but not everyone feels comfortable or understands how to articulate that story. I’m simply the vehicle by which your emotions will be brought to life. Get in touch today and let's talk about how we can create your unique wedding vows. 

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