9 Signs You Should Hire a Wedding Vow Writer

As you plan your wedding, you’ll work with several wedding vendors. From hiring a wedding planner to researching calligraphers for your wedding invitations—you know who you need to hire to help with the various parts of your wedding day.

But there’s one wedding vendor title that has likely escaped you—the wedding vow writer.  

If you’re like most engaged couples, you’ve never heard of a wedding vow writer or understand what sort of value they can add to your wedding ceremony.

My name is Katelyn Stanis and I’m the creator of Wedding Words, a vow and toast writing service. I’m a professional wedding vow writer here to help you learn if you should hire a wedding vow writer.

Sign #1: You want a personalized wedding: If your goal is to plan a personalized wedding, you should write your own wedding vows. Reading how you personally feel about your fiancé, your relationship, and your promises for your future marriage is much more unique than simply reciting traditional wedding vows.

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Sign #2: You want to avoid stress: Does the idea of sitting down to write your own wedding vows give you anxiety? The number one things my clients tell me after working together is that hiring me to write their vows removed all of their stress. Wouldn’t that be a nice feeling in the mist of wedding planning?

Sign #3: You have trouble talking about feelings: Do you struggle with articulating the mushy love stuff? You may feel a lot in your heart but do not know how to articulate those emotions into words. The even bigger challenge? How can those articulated words actually sound like you?

This is where a vow writer can help. You don’t have to worry about what to say. When I work with couples, we have a video call where I ask the right questions that allow you to express your love story in your own words. Then I take your words and polish them into custom wedding vows.

Sign #4: You’re busy: Let’s face it—sometimes we hire people not because we can’t do the work but because we’re too busy with other things. It’s just like hiring a wedding planner for full planning services. You might be able to juggle the logistics of wedding planning but a wedding planner takes over so you can focus on other things. When you hire a wedding vow writer, you don’t have to worry about this important wedding task. You can relax knowing it’s going to get done and be the best that it can be.

Sign #5: You believe love is in the details: As you design your wedding experience, are you the bride who takes pride in the perfect shade of lilac for the napkins and the font type for your invitations?

You know that making a memorable wedding is all about the details. Your wedding vows are the focal point of your wedding ceremony—take pride in having them sound as uniquely you.

Sign #6: You hired a wedding cinematographer: Will a wedding videographer be capturing your big day? If so, you’ll want beautifully written, custom wedding vows. Wedding cinematographers rely on the custom vows and toasts at a wedding to help create cherished wedding videos.

Check out our interview with wedding cinematographer Scott Patterson to learn what he thinks of custom wedding vows.

Sign #7: You’re not a very traditional couple: Are you having a themed wedding? If you’re a couple who embraces nontraditional design and execution, ditch the traditional wedding vows and write custom wedding vows. Your wedding ceremony will feel and sound much more like you.

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Sign #8: You have a public speaking fear: Writing your own wedding vows is the first step. But then how do you actually overcome your public speaking fear so you are able to say your wedding vows in front of your wedding guests?

At Wedding Words, when a client has approved a final copy of their wedding vows, I create a customized video for them. During this video, I walk through their wedding vows and provide tips for how to comfortably and confidently deliver their vows. I’ve been told by clients who rave about working together that this is one of their favorite parts of the process.

Sign #9: You’re not a writer: Are you planning to bake your own wedding cake or sew your bridesmaid dresses? Unless you’re a professional baker or seamstress, the answer is likely no. Why feel like you need to write your own wedding vows if you’re not a writer?

Many of the couples I work with fear that by using a vow writer, it won’t feel as personal. In fact, the results are quite the opposite. When we work together, my goal is always to take what’s in your heart and convey those feelings into words that sound just like you and articulate exactly what you want to say.

Curious to learn more about what it’d be like to collaborate on your own wedding vows? Check out the vow writing process in more detail and then let’s connect.