10 Ways to Get Inspired While Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

You’ve decided to write your own wedding vows but where do you begin? It’s as if writers block set in the moment you decided to write custom wedding vows. As a professional vow writer at Wedding Words, I’ve found that the key to overcoming challenges associated with writing personalized vows is for couples to get inspired!

What will motivate you to write what’s in your heart? If you want to write your own vows but are feeling stuck—this guide is for you. Here are ten ways to get inspired while writing your own wedding vows.

#1: Play Your Song: Have you ever played a song on repeat because the vibe was the exact energy and inspiration you needed in that moment? Try doing this with your song. You know—the one that tells the love story of your fiancé and you.

Maybe you even have a playlist of songs that stir up memories from over the course of your relationship. Press play and put pen to paper.

#2: Revisit Your First Date: Where was your first date? Can you cuddle up in the corner booth of that coffee shop or sit and have a drink at that bar? Bring a notepad and scribble down thoughts as you relive the memory of that first date and the journey you’ve taken from then until now.

Try to order the same meal you two shared. Tap into all your senses to relive that moment. Each experience will awaken nostalgic inspiration.

#3: Stroll Down Memory Lane: Flip through photo albums on Facebook or the hundreds of pictures you have stored on your phone. You’ll likely come across pictures that remind you of memories you hadn’t thought about in a while. You never know which picture could be the one to trigger an idea for your personalized wedding vows.

#4: Remember that First I Love You: While you’re walking down memory lane, turn left at the corner where you both said I love you for the first time. Where were you? How were you feeling? How did you react?

Mentally relive the moment. Take notes as you recollect the experience. This could serve as valuable and vulnerable material for your own unique wedding vows.

#5: Get Creative: What’s your creative outlet? Grab your paintbrush, camera, or journal—whatever it is—and stretch your creative muscle.

Once you tap into your creativity, your subconscious will take over. You’ll have a new, invigorated sense of how you want to tackle your vow writing. The artwork you create could easily transform into words for your own vows too.

#6: Go on a Date: Get dressed up and grab your fiancé for a date night. Going out together for a fun night will ignite that spark in you that could spark inspiration for vow writing.

Try a date that gets you both interacting like mini-golf or a painting class. Avoid dates that don’t allow you to to really connect like seeing a movie. The idea is to reconnect so you can use that loving feeling as inspiration for your wedding vows.

#7: Talk with Your Friends and Family: Sometimes we’re so close to our relationships, it’s hard to see what makes it truly unique and special. Gain another perspective.

Ask your friends and family members about your relationship. What did they think when you first brought him home for dinner? How do they view your compatibility?

Seeing your relationship through their eyes could provide some new encouragement for your personalized wedding vows.

#8: Reflect on the Hard Times: Often, it’s having endured the hardest parts of our relationship that make us strong.

What were some of the more challenging moments during your relationship? How did your fiancé support you during those times? Consider what you can learn about your love from how you two experienced the not-so-shiny times together.  

#9: Forget Wedding Planning: From the moment that ring entered your relationship, most of your waking thoughts and conversations have become centered around floral arrangements, seating charts, and cake toppers. Ditch the wedding planning talk for a bit. Allow space for your relationship to flourish like it did pre-wedding planning.

As much as you might enjoy debating the benefits of a chocolate fountain over a decorate-your-own-doughnut-bar—it’s not where your focus needs to be for writing personalized wedding vows.

When you let go of fixating over every wedding detail for a few days, you’ll gain clarity on your relationship outside of the wedding. And that’s just what you need to write unique wedding vows.

#10: Work with a Coach: Most of us are not writers. Turn to a wedding vow writer to help coach you through the process. At Wedding Words, I work with couples to write custom wedding vows and coach them through how to deliver their vows with confidence.