How and Why You Should Hire a Wedding Vow Writer

When it comes to your wedding, there’s so much to coordinate. The floral arrangements, color scheme, DJ playlist, seating chart, and the dress—my goodness, the dress! Amidst the wedding planning, the one item on every list of action items that tends to get pushed aside by couples is the vow writing. It’s not because couples don’t find writing unique wedding vows to be an essential and important part of their wedding ceremony. Rather, it’s because of the pressure, fear, and writer's block that plague their minds.

That’s where I come in to help. I’m a professional wedding vow and toast writer. I collaborate with couples to write the personal wedding vows couples desire but are too frozen by overwhelm to begin on their own.  

As a writer and someone who loves a good love story, it’s my dream job to help write your own vows. If you’re engaged and your wedding day is just a couple months away, you’re likely entering that phase of worry about your wedding vows: I’m not a writer. I don’t know what to say. What if I sound silly?

I’m here to put this negative internal noise to rest by sharing with you how and why you should hire a professional wedding vow writer to help you.

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Vow Writer

Because You’re Not a Writer: You’re hiring a baker to make your wedding cake and a photographer take your pictures (despite you being able to take killer photos on your iPhone). Why? Because while you may dabble in baking and taking pictures, these are not your areas of expertise. So you turn to a professional! When it comes to writing your vows, it’s the same scenario. You may be decent as stringing together a few words but will it really capture what’s in your heart? Will you feel confident delivering the speech in front of all your guests? Are these words the ones you want to be recorded on video for all of Facebook and your future grandchildren to see?

To Overcome Your Anxiety and Fear: The fear of not knowing how to articulate your emotions can prevent you from even beginning to write your own vows. When you think about everyone who will be watching you speak, it becomes paralyzing to write personal wedding vows. Often, you are simply too close to a situation to tackle it. You get in your head and when you’re there, you get stuck. A wedding vow writer is a person who can listen to what’s in your heart and convey it in words that sound just like you. You’ll feel much more confident delivering your vows knowing it’s what you wanted to say. By working with someone, you won’t have to be consumed by fear or handicapped from writing your own vows.

So You Can Honor Your Love Story: Your fiancé means the world to you. Writing your unique wedding vows will be the ultimate love letter to him. Talk about pressure! How can you do it justice? With so much emotion, pressure, and stress surrounding this moment, it can often become too difficult to convey into words how you really feel. In this case, it’s super helpful to have a professional wedding vow writer collaborate with you. It’s their job to take the stress out of the process and put your heart into words so your love story can really shine.

How to Hire a Wedding Vow Writer

Understand Your Needs: If you’re considering collaborating with a wedding vow writer, first think about your personal needs. Why are you looking to hire help? Do you already have a first draft but want a professional to review and polish what you’ve already started? Are you completely stuck on how to even begin and want the writer to take the lead on interviewing you and then writing the first draft for you to review and provide feedback? Consider what you’re expecting the wedding writer to help you with before you contact them to ensure your expectations are properly met.

Research: When you’ve come across a wedding vow writer you’re considering hiring, do your homework on the writer. Do they have any testimonials you can read? Can you view her writing through blog posts she’s written? Check out their Instagram account. Does her brand speak to you?

Start a Conversation: Reach out! There’s only so much information you can gather from a website and Instagram account. Contact the wedding vow writer to start a conversation. This person should be ready and willing to answer any questions you have before you commit.

These are my tips for how and why you should hire a wedding vow writer. I’d love to hear from you! Would you consider collaborating on your personal wedding vows with a professional writer? Or would you rather stick with writing your own vows?

If you are interested in working together to write your unique wedding vows, let’s connect at Wedding Words. I’m excited to start a conversation with you!