Wedding Vow Course 

A Bride's Complete Vow Writing Course is designed for the busy bride who is overwhelmed and stressed at the idea of writing and delivering her vows. This digital course contains videos, slides, and worksheets to teach you how to write and confidently deliver your wedding vows.

Choose to take the course completely on your own or opt to also send your final copy of your wedding vows to professional wedding vow and speech writer, Katelyn Stanis. She'll review your wedding vows and provide line edits and detailed feedback for how to further improve your vows. 

If you want to write your own vows but do not know where to begin, this course is your answer. 

The course includes:

  • Brainstorming guide

  • Unique questions to ask yourself to unveil your love story

  • Tips to find vow writing inspiration

  • Guide to identify themes to use within your wedding vows

  • Steps to writing your first draft

  • Details on the editing process

  • Steps to writing your final draft

  • Public speaking tips