How to Recite Wedding Vows When You’re an Introvert

Does the idea of reciting your wedding vows give you anxiety? Are you overwhelmed with fear? No need to panic.

I’m a professional wedding vow writer and I’m here to share my tips for how even the most introverted person can find comfort and confidence with reciting wedding vows.

Start Early

While writing your wedding vows can feel like a daunting task, do not procrastinate this wedding responsibility.

As an introvert, you need time to get comfortable with what you write and the idea of reciting your wedding vows.

Start early to avoid unnecessary overwhelm and anxiety. I recommend creating a wedding vow writing schedule. Identify days and times that work best with your schedule. Then, schedule blocks of time in your personal calendar for vow writing.

By creating a formal schedule and process for when you’ll work on your wedding vows, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable.

Hire a Vow Writer to Help

There is no reason why you need to tackle vow writing alone. At Wedding Words, I work with couples who are stuck by fear and anxiety when it comes to writing wedding vows.

We can work together in a more one-on-one and custom approach. In this vow writing service, we talk over a video call and I learn the details of your love story.

Then I work as a sort of ghostwriter to do the actual writing part. This is an ideal service for someone who does not view themselves as a writer or who panics at the thought of needing to articulate their feelings into words.

Wedding Words does offer another vow writing service—a digital vow writing course.  This course is perfect if you are the type of introvert who wants help but also wants to avoid having to speak one-on-one with someone throughout the process. In this case, the digital vow writing course is your ticket to vow writing freedom.

Through the Wedding Words Vow Writing Course, you will be guided along how to brainstorm for your wedding vows, how to write your first draft, how to edit your vows, how to create a finalized version of your vows, and how to confidently recite your wedding vows.

You get to learn this all while never having to leave your home or talk to another soul.

Receive Wedding Vow Feedback

Once you’ve finished writing your wedding vows, you should receive feedback from a trusted source. This person should be someone who can provide valuable and unbiased feedback on how your vows sound.

Introvert bride gets help to write her wedding vows.jpg

Of course, as an introvert, this part alone can make you feel like skipping the ceremony all together.

Fear not, friend! If you prefer not to lean on a friend or family member for help, you can still receive helpful feedback to improve your wedding vows.

As part of the digital vow writing course, you can submit your finalized wedding vows for professional review. As a wedding vow writer, I’ll personally read through and edit your wedding vows. I also provide comments on areas for improvement.

No phone calls. No back and forth emails. Just one Word doc with my notes for you to digest and do with them what you wish—on your own time and in your own space.

Confront Your Public Speaking Fear  

Now comes arguably the most challenging part of writing wedding vows—having to publically recite the vows in front of your guests.

Public speaking is a terrifying idea for most people but for introverts, it can make you physically nauseas. Here are my tips for how to deal with public speaking anxiety.


It might feel painful at first but practice reciting your wedding vows well in advance of the wedding ceremony.

The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll begin to feel. Plus, you’ll sound super polished and confident by the time the ceremony day arrives.

I recommend practicing in front of a mirror. Or if you’re really feeling courageous, video record yourself. It might be awkward to watch yourself but you’ll notice nervous ticks that you can self-correct before the wedding day.

Think of this as short-term discomfort for long-term confidence.


When nerves start to get the best of you, just remember to breathe. Take a deep inhale and a slow exhale. Reset and continue.

Let Your Inspiration Motivate You

Why are you reading your own wedding vows? Allow this thought to be your inspiration and the driving force to get you through this challenging part.

Is it that you want your future spouse to know exactly how you feel? Do you want a keepsake for your future grandchildren to see in your wedding video?

Overcome this challenge by remembering your inspiration.

Introverts Have an Advantage Too

While many parts of the vow writing process might be especially challenging for introverts, you should also recognize the advantages you have.

As an introvert, you thrive in solo activities. You enjoy solitude and find creativity and peace in those moments. What better environment to write your wedding vows than that?

Introvert or not—you will not regret writing and reading your own wedding vows. Enjoy the process and allow it to be one that pushes you to grow as a person and provides you with a meaningful wedding gift.