Vow Writing Journal

The wedding vow writing journal is designed for brides and grooms who are excited to write their own vows, nervous and unsure of the process, and who have a growth mindset.

This workbook is a collection of exercises such as writing prompts, list-making, and visual exercises to guide you through writing custom wedding vows and while also nurturing this special time of being engaged.

The wedding vow writing journal is not a one-stop, check another wedding to-do item off of your planning list. This workbook goes deeper into the process and supports you along every step of the way, making it more accessible, achievable, and fun.

Plus, when done with your partner, it can be a true bonding experience.

The wedding vow journal includes:

  • Inspirational writing prompts

  • Tips for discovering themes

  • Our 6-step vow writing outline

  • Step-by-step guide to take you from an initial draft, through the editing process, to a final version of your wedding vows

  • Public speaking tips checklist