The 10 Most Unexpected Places to Find Wedding Vow Inspiration

When it comes to writing personalized wedding vows, the hardest part can be finding inspiration for what to write. Sometimes we’re too close to our relationship to see what we should include within our wedding vows.

It can be helpful to explore some nontraditional methods for discovering wedding vow writing inspiration. Try a few of these ideas and you’ll be more than ready to write your own wedding vows. 

Your Favorite Show: What do you watch when you Netflix and chill with your fiancé? What is the show that you’d be upset if your fiancé watched an episode without you?

Whether it’s Queer Eye or This is Us—why do you two enjoy watching this show together?

lesbian couple watching TV.jpg

What other rituals do you share while you binge-watched old episodes of The Office together? Consider what feelings surface about your relationship when you picture you two snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite shows together.

Your Childhood Bedroom: Step back into your childhood bedroom and daydream back to teenage you. How are you different now? How is your relationship with your fiancé different than your dating style at 16? Did you spend time in that room imagining your dream man? Perhaps you can read through old journals or love letters stored away in your desk drawer. How will remembering past-you influence present-you?

The Setting of Your First Fight: Why would you want to relive the memory of your first fight as inspiration for your wedding vows? If the fight ended well—chances are you learned something about your relationship and grew together because of that disagreement.

Travel back to that time whether it’s literally visiting the location of your first fight, or simply going back to that place mentally. Do what feels best to trigger the memory.

What did you learn from that fight? How did it make you stronger as a couple? How has your relationship evolved through every disagreement? It’s important to think about the salty moments in your relationship as well as the sweet times to really appreciate your love story.

Your go-to Karaoke Song: Whether it’s the song you rush to request at Karaoke night or the one you turn up while driving—what is the jam you and your fiancé enjoy belting out or dancing to together? Do the lyrics have any significant meaning? Or does the music just show another side of your relationship? Turn up the volume and write down how you feel when you hear the notes from that song.

couple singing in car for wedding vow inspiration.jpg

Your Text History: Have you ever scrolled back through old text messages from months ago? What about when you first started dating? It might take a while to scroll that far back into your text history but it can be fun to stumble onto a moment in time from your past.

Text messages are often the modern day equivalent to a love letter. What will you uncover by reading old texts between you and your love? Perhaps you’ll find that you can even use direct quotes from old texts within your wedding vows.

Your Facebook Photo Library: You know how Facebook will remind you of memories by posting a picture on the same date from years ago? Why not travel back in time yourself by clicking through old Facebook photo albums?

You’ll be reminded of occasions and moments you hadn’t thought of in quite a while like the first wedding you attended together or that vacation where everything that could go wrong—did.

Consider how these images make you feel about your relationship then and now.

Your Car: Sit in your parked car. Think about the memories you and your fiancé have created with every mile you two have driven together in your car. Remember the road trips full of adventure. Recall the long, deep conversations you had as you traveled. Perhaps many of your memories don’t even include your fiancé in the car with you. Maybe you spent miles dreaming of your future love. How does your fiancé compare to that person you spent hours fantasizing about as you drove?

Your Artwork: What sort of creative outlet do you go to? Are you a writer, painter, or web designer? Review your previous works of art. Look at what you created before and during your current relationship. What might the art say about how you have evolved as an individual since being with your fiancé? Pour these emotions and reflections into your wedding vows.

Your Closet: Clothes can represent sentimental meaning. A dress can be more than a summer frock—it can become a nostalgic memory, representing how you felt when your fiancé had surprised you with a picnic in the park.

Review each item of clothing in your closet. What memories come to mind? Perhaps you recall your first date when you look at that little black dress or the first time your fiancé taught you how to ride a dirt bike when you see those torn up jeans. Have fun reminiscing through fashion and use some of these anecdotes within your wedding vows.

Your Home: You and your fiancé have spent countless hours together at your home. Take a solo tour.

As you walk in each room, allow your mind to transport you to memories of you two there. What were you laughing about? How do you feel when your fiancé is with you cooking in the kitchen?

Our homes are such personal spaces. Explore your feelings around the idea of being in your home with your fiancé.

What’s Next? Once you’ve found inspiration for your wedding vows, next you need to actually write your vows. What if you’re struggling with how to put all of these ideas into polished wedding vows?

Wedding Words is a wedding vow writing service that can help. Whether it’s through one-on-one custom vow writing services or through a digital vow writing course, you’ll be guided along how to write your vows with the greatest impact.