Wedding Vow Writing Services You Need to Know About

You’ve read every wedding trend list. You know how to create DIY centerpieces and how to make a dessert table more unique (hello donut bar!). But there’s one wedding must-have that may have slipped your mind—using a vow writing service.

While not as common as other wedding vendors like your photographer or DJ—a wedding vow writer can be your secret weapon in preparation for the big day. Writing personalized wedding vows is an intimidating task for most engaged couples. This is where utilizing wedding vow writing services can be a huge help.

Wedding Words specializes in helping tongue-tied couples tie the knot by putting their heart into words. Let’s dive into learning more about the vow writing services that Wedding Words provides.

What type of vow writing services does Wedding Words offer couples? There are two main services for couples: custom one-on-one vow vow writing and an online vow writing course.

The one-on-one vow writing service is a premium package for couples who crave more collaboration. We begin by meeting over a video call where I get to learn about your relationship and your hopes for marriage. The wedding vows are completely custom, and I write the first draft of your wedding vows based on our conversation.

You then provide feedback on which parts you love and which sections you feel need to be reworked. I enter into the editing phase before delivering a finalized version of your wedding vows, along with a custom video describing tips for how to deliver your vows and overcome public speaking fears.  

The online vow writing course is different mainly in that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to writing and editing your vows oppose to a professional vow writer taking the lead.

The process includes the same key results though—your vows will include themes, the right anecdotes, be edited to perfection, and you’ll learn how to confidently deliver your vows.

Only through the course, you take the lead on everything while being guided through each step in the form of modules.

The modules include videos and slides that walk you through how to come up with material for your wedding vows, how to get started on writing the first draft, how to edit your vows, and how to confidently deliver your vows during your ceremony.

You just need to determine which pathway to writing your own wedding vows would be best for you.

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Who should use the one-on-one vow writing service? The one-on-one vow writing service caters to a few different types of brides.

The busy bride: Do you want to write personalized wedding vows but simply don’t have the time? If you’re the bride with a never-ending to-do list, then the one-on-one vow writing service is perfect for you. You’ll be able to express what’s in your heart without compromising your other tasks or running out of time to actually get your vow writing done.

The perfectionist: If you’re a perfectionist, wedding planning is your Everest. Fussing over floral centerpieces is hard enough but now try to perfect what’s in your heart and feel confident reading those words in front of all your guests. Talk about pressure. This vow writing service helps to alleviate the pressure while also delivering wedding vows that are perfectionist approved.

 The procrastinator: If you’re the bride who might wait until a mere two weeks before your wedding ceremony to write your wedding vows—it’s time to call in reinforcements. Through the one-on-one vow writing service, we collaborate to write custom wedding vows that capture what’s in your heart—with time to spare before your ceremony.

The talkative bride: You may have plenty to say on the topic of your fiancé and relationship but do you know what key anecdotes to focus on for your wedding vows? The one-on-one vow writing service is ideal for brides who have lots to share but who don’t know how to organize their thoughts.

Here’s a testimonial from a woman I worked with who is a self-proclaimed talker:

“I am a storyteller, not a speechwriter. So thankful to find Katelyn to get my thoughts all in order. Very proud of how the speech came out. Looking forward to giving it!”

Who should sign up for the online vow writing course? This vow writing service caters to a variety of brides.

The DIY bride: If you’re creating a DIY wedding, the digital vow writing course is the way to go. Just like when you’re in control of designing your centerpieces, through this course you’re taking the lead on writing custom wedding vows. The course acts like a Pinterest Guide to floral arrangements—only instead of detailing what pairs well with roses, this guide walks you through how to write, edit, and deliver your wedding vows.

The creative: If you’re a naturally creative person, you’ll want to take the lead on writing your wedding vows. This doesn’t mean you don’t need help though. Where do you begin? The digital vow writing course guides you along each step of the process while allowing your creative muscle to be worked.

The learner: Are you a lifelong learner? You likely aren’t new to the online course circuit. Sign up for A Bride’s Complete Vow Writing Course to start your education in writing personalized wedding vows. Once you’ve completed the course, you can send your finalized copy of your wedding vows to Wedding Words and I’ll write back with line-edits and feedback to ensure your vows pack that impact you’re striving for.  

Why should engaged couples use a vow writing service? If you want to express what’s in your heart on your wedding day to the person you love most—you should use a vow writing service.

Your wedding vows are the single most unique way to truly personalize your wedding. You don’t have to be a writer to write your own vows but you do need to determine what are the areas where you could use more help.

Do you need someone to take over the writing part? Or do you simply need some hand holding while you do the writing?

Just like you’d hire a seamstress to help tailor your wedding gown or a baker to create a delicious three-tiered cherry chip masterpiece—hire a vow writing service to help put your heart into words.