How a Maid of Honor Speech Writer Can Help You Write a Knockout Wedding Toast

How do you write an amazing maid of honor speech? There’s one key secret. Hire help. I’m a maid of honor speech writer and I join forces with the overwhelmed maid of honor who is terrified at the idea of writing and delivering their maid of honor speech. Does that sound at all like you?

Let’s talk about the ways you can overcome this common fear and instead, show up as the brilliant maid of honor you know you can be for the bride.

Do you need the help?

Here are a few questions to help you decide if hiring a maid of honor speech writer is the answer for you.

·      Have you been putting off the task of writing your maid of honor speech?

·      Are you scared you won’t be able to properly articulate how you feel?

·      Are you wondering how to write the speech or where to even begin?

·      Does reciting your maid of honor speech in front of all the wedding guests give you anxiety?

·      Are you dreading watching your speech in the wedding video or worse, seeing it posted on Facebook?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider working with a maid of honor speech writer. The entire purpose of a speech writer is to put your nerves aside. They will help you to deliver a speech that will have guests coming up to you all night with compliments.  

What’s it like to work with a maid of honor speech writer?

The process at Wedding Words is focused on authenticity, thoughtfulness, and good storytelling.


A good speech—the kind of speech that will leave guests talking about it all night—is raw, vulnerable, and real. In other words, the speech needs to be authentic. To do that, your maid of honor speech must sound like you.

This is why at Wedding Words we do not use questionnaires to learn about you. They’re simply not effective in capturing the most authentic version of you and your unique story.

Instead, we’ll chat over a video or audio call—your preference. The questions are conversational and your answers fuel the speech. I record the audio and use this as the basis for how to design your maid of honor speech.

Your words. Your stories. My editing eye.


Every part of the process is thoughtfully intentional. I want your maid of honor speech to capture what you want to express despite knowing how to organize your feelings.

This is why we have a thorough review and revisions part of the speech writing process. After I email you the first draft of your speech, you’ll review it.

Does it sound like you? What parts do you love? Which parts would you want to remove or rework?

Be honest with your feedback and I’ll use your comments to create the second draft of your speech. This is a fun part of the process because it’s when collaboration really happens.

It’s not just me writing your maid of honor speech out of thin air. It’s us working together to create a thoughtful and compelling maid of honor speech that you’ll be excited to recite.

Good Storytelling

The art to any good maid of honor speech is to simply tell a good story. That is why I’ve created the STORY method as a guide to speech writing. The STORY method should be followed to write an impactful maid of honor toast.

Here is a brief outline of the STORY method for your reference.

Show, Don’t Tell – How can you show how you feel instead of simply saying it?

Tout the Bride and Groom – Be sure to acknowledge the groom as well as the bride.

Open with your Connection – Not everyone will know how you are connected to the bride so be sure to include this within your introduction.

Reel Them in with Captivating Detail—How can you add more meaningful detail to your story? Do this in a way that will make your speech unique to the bride oppose to you talking about any one of your friends.

You Need to Practice – Rehearse your maid of honor speech to sound polished and to feel confident on the wedding day.

What do clients say about working with a maid of honor speech writer?

Women have raved about working together on their maid of honor speeches.

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You can check out more testimonials too and see what Wedding Words clients are saying about their experience.

How can I get started?

Are you interested in working with a maid of honor speech writer? I’d love to chat and get to know you more. Fill out this contact form or email me directly at to start a conversation.

We recommend starting a few months before the wedding. This allows time for the speech writing process to be completed and for you to practice reciting your maid of honor speech.

Don’t have a few months? No worries. Drop us a note and we’ll see how best we can help you before the wedding date.

You have an amazing maid of honor speech inside of you and we can work together to bring it life.