Father & Mother Wedding Speech Writing


Parents of the Bride & Groom

Here comes the bride and the day you’ve anticipated since your child was little. It’s almost time for you to make the traditional parent's speech.

The pressure builds with each passing day that leads up to the big day.

How can you put into words what your child has meant to you? How will your speech do justice to the love you feel?

I'll collaborate with you to write a parent's speech that captures the emotions you have in your heart but are not quite sure how to articulate. 

How exactly does speech writing work?

First we’ll meet over a video call where I’ll learn about your relationship and what's most important to share. I'll also learn your voice and personality so the speech is written in a way that sounds like you—not a templated toast. 

Then, I get to work. I'll take your words (often times, exact quotes you said on our call) and create a speech that you can identify as your own.

There will be an opportunity for you to provide feedback on sections you like and parts you want edited.

After I make those additional edits, you’ll receive a completed parent's speech, ready for you to present as the proud parent you already are.


  • One-hour online video call consultation

  • Two revisions, based on your feedback

  • Final copy, up to 950 words, estimated at 7 minutes in speaking length

  • Custom, made just for you, video describing tips and feedback for how to confidently deliver your parent's speech